Thursday, 24 January 2013

Getting some rest before dog class tonight

Hi all,
I have just spent a good half hour munching on a hide bone that mum had sawn in half for me;  (I am assuming I get the other half soon - maybe tomorrow?).

After all that concentrated effort, a big burp and a good slurp of water, I am in need of a snooze.  Here I am relaxing whilst mum is computer working.

She thought I wasn't paying attention.....

.....but my foxy ears miss very little!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

BIG snow!

Well we have all had a bit of the snowy stuff now haven't we?  Thursday night it started and we had a big pile of it when we woke up on Friday morning!  By Friday afternoon we had nearly 15cm (said mum who kept measuring it!).

I do get excited about going out and race up and down the garden.  To start with I just wanted to eat it and kept biting it - but it was too cold - especially on my nose!

The other problem we had was that wearing my snozz [muzzle] out on walks was a bit difficult as it collected lots of snow! Brrr!

Have had a great couple of days though, bouncing around, chasing foxy sniffs, snow ball chasing.  All brilliant fun!

First Snow!

Hi All,
Just catching up with my news after a hectic week!  Sunday night (13th) white stuff was coming down out of the sky! Really strange.  I went out to have a good sniff.

Thing is... it tasted lovely...I kept trying to lick it and eat it...but it melted away each time I licked it!


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Christmas presents don't last long do they?

Hello everyone,

A Happy New Year to you all!

I was contemplating my presents from Christmas and how much I had enjoyed them all... but how they don't last very long.
My rubber ring is now a U shape; my broken squeaky balls removed and 'disappeared' from sight (bin?); my treats mostly eaten - though I think mum and dad have rationed them fairly well to make them eek out a bit longer; my rag-pull rope is all straggly and chewed, and as for Mr Snorty Pig......

Well the less said the better.

He doesn't snort anymore.