Friday, 28 December 2012

The scandal of Dog-Gate!

Well readers, it seems I am entering a period of intense training.
I have now started attending a local Dog Club:
Following my second session, one of the trainers came around to our house to give me and 'mum' and 'dad' some top tips on how to behave when visitors come to stay over Christmas.
The trainer had already recommended me wearing a harness on walks - which fair enough, I do agree I am getting on well with.
AND THEN she suggested a dog gate!

So now I get shut behind this when visitors first arrive, until I feel a little calmer. There's much more to it than this I know - but I am still learning and will tell you more once I have understood more.

For now I think I have to sit nicely and stop barking - which is difficult - but I can do it with practise!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Best Christmas Present!!!!!!

Hello, hello!
I am so excited! This year for Christmas (hark at me, behaving like a dog that is used to all this!), I had 3 lots of tasty treats from my new 'gran', a grunting plastic pig off our friends Kit, Danny and Makar and a fold flat dog bowl to take on walkies from mum's friend Angela.

BUT - my best present by far is an orange rubber ring, from Pip (Angela's doggie).

I can toss it in the air, play tug-o-war, chew it, carry it over my face, run around! Fantastic!
Thanks Pip, looking forward to meeting you in the Spring and chasing tennis balls together!

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Hello All,
It's my first Christmas in Moseley and possibly my first Christmas EVER! (I don't really remember).
Last weekend 'dad' brought a fir tree in - from someone elses garden I suppose and put it in a pot in the corner of our lounge. Very odd.

Then, even stranger than that!... a few days later 'mum' started hanging lights, glittery shiny silver and gold strips, and other odd shapes to match.

Next thing is, they want me to pose in front of the tree too!

I hope you like the resulting photo?  Happy Christmas all.  Especially to all my old friends at Kenilworth Dogs Trust. Don't give up hope yet. If I can find a new mum and dad and a happy home this Christmas, so can you all.  Keep the faith. xxx