Monday, 22 July 2013

It really has been too hot!

This is me trying to keep still and cool down!  There is a big window open just above me and I am trying to feel some breeze.

I don't know quite where to put myself.

Mum tried putting a wet towel on my tummy and back to help cool me - but I wasn't keen. Luckily for me she decided not to squirt me with the hose as she thinks I might be scared! Not keen!

There is always lots of cool water available and I drink loads all the time, but I am still HOT!

Mum wont take me out for a walk at lunchtime either because she says I will feel worse.

Still, I have to agree, it's much nicer when we walk late evening, when it is a bit cooler.... not keen on the hooting owls though - they spook me a bit!

Hello Everyone!

So sorry I have not kept in touch lately. Where does the time go!  I will try and get back up to date with my news.
Mum and dad went on holiday for 4 days in May and I had a new adventure at my new exclusive hotel for doggies that are nervous. ( )
I had a fantastic time!
They put this picture up on their Facebook page for mum and dad to see whilst they were away!

The lovely kennel ladies fed me, took me out for exercise in the paddock and best of all - played with me!!!  Here I am waiting for the ball to be thrown!

I am still trying to be a good dog..... and I am improving a little bit!  Look at my cute - butter wouldn't melt face :-)