Sunday, 24 March 2013

This is NOT an advert! :-)

How they laughed at me!
 Dad let me run around with the empty Coke box this lunch time.  I ran upstairs with it and was left to have a chew.
I think I was a bit noisy with my play as mum and dad suddenly came running out of the kitchen to catch me throwing the box down the stairs and chasing after it!
I do enjoy throwing things down the stairs.  Usually it's my toys.  I don't think they expected this!
What fun!  You don't need a Coke box to do this.... any box will do! :-)
Hope you like mum's action shot!

And more snow!!

So -  this morning I went out for my usual first of the morning toilet moment.... it was STILL snowing! Not heavily, but still enough to be quite a bit deeper and rather cold on the toes when you have come from being snuggled up in a warm basket.  I was quick!

We then went out for our morning walk and mum and dad let me off the lead to run around in the fields. I loved it!

Nice eh? Right outside my back gate.  I am a lucky dog.

I did have a few problems in the snow mind.....

I love to sniff and prod around in the snow and the old snozz (muzzle) gets a bit snow blocked at times.
It doesn't bother me though, every time someone clears it for me, I just roll in the snow again and look the same!

Lots of fun!!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Snow in March?

Hi Everyone!
I really cannot believe that we are back to the white stuff again!
We have had well over a paws depth (mum says 4+ inches), which was quite a surprise when I popped out for a quick toilet stop first thing this morning!
 Oooooh! its great to run around in!

Mum says that at least the snow makes the garden look nice again! - I believe this is a reference to how I have apparently turned the lawn into a muddy race track!

We are going on holiday next weekend - More adventures I will be able to tell you about! So have a Happy Christmas, ha! ha! I mean Easter! xxxxx

Now.... where are the daffodils I was tearing up the other day.......

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

In the Woods!

Last few pics of my holiday!
One of the days, Dad wanted to find out how my off-lead walking and recall would be if I was on dry land for a change.  So we decided to go to some forest trails and see if I liked being in the woods as much as the beach.
 Getting a sniff of something exciting!
 Hello! I am cute, even wearing a snozz! (don't you think?).
Just about to race off down the forest trail!

It really has been a fantastic week - I hope you enjoyed my pictures!


Beach after beach!

Hoping not to bore you all too much, but I have to share my holiday snaps!
These are some of the beaches I visited:-
Widemouth Bay, Padstow, Hayle, Gwithian, lost of different bays on the way to Newquay and Rock.
 With my 'dad'.
 Displaying good 'recall'.
 The end of the sea is often frothy!
 I hope my tail tells you how happy I was there!
 Mmmm I just wanted to dig at Rock!
 This was a cloudy day, yet we still walked about 10 miles along coast paths and seasides to Newquay and back again.
 Can't remember what I was trying to find in the water!
 This was a sunny day at Padstow I think, where the fishy chef lives.
Happy, happy days. can't wait to go again!

My First Proper Holiday Cottage!

Hi Everyone,
Just back from a fantastic week away by a place called Seaside in Cornwall.  It had lots and lots of funny tasting water that caught me out every time I tried to get a drink!

Anyway..... we stayed in a different house to normal, down the motorway.  I was a bit rubbish in the car, which really annoyed dad, but in the house I was very well behaved indeed.  Mostly because I was tired out from all the walking and running around!!).

Here are a few pictures of me relaxing and enjoying my holiday home:-
 Waiting in the dining room area.

 Just finished my tea in the kitchen.

 A snooze early evening soon became the norm.

 Ahem, a snore late evening was a must!

Note my lovely sandy toes from the beach!