Sunday, 15 September 2013

Lazy rainy Sunday afternoon....

Hi All,
Well.... there goes summer!  The rain finally hit us at lunch time and I think mum and dad are not particularly looking forward to an evening walk in the cold, rain and mud.  Not sure I am either.

Here I am "chilling out" as us young folk say, whilst the Sunday papers are interrogated by the rest of the household.

I feel a snooze coming on......

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Fun in the garden - nearly a year!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you have enjoyed the summer as there is more than a whiff of Autumn in the air now, particularly in the mornings.

This weekend I was so well behaved at 'granny Pam's' that mum has taken a picture of me to celebrate what a good dog looks like.  See for yourself!

I have been here nearly a year in October and it's my 4th birthday this week.  I must be starting to settle down a bit.