Tuesday, 20 November 2012

We've been baking!

Mum has been making pastry again today and I kept nice and close in case I could help out.
Last week I helped out by clearing the leftover pastry that I thought wasn't wanted (oops!).
The baking seemed more cautious this week somehow..... I only secured bits of flour!

By the way..... so much for Kong Wobbler..... it lasted 3 outings!


  1. Is that flour all over your nose?
    Perhaps mum should have trusted you - you MAY have learnt that uncooked pastry doesn't taste good, and does strange things to your insides (not as strange as pink blankets admittedly!)
    So how did you destroy Kong Wobbler? It sounded so good!

    1. Ermmmm I chewed the side off when mum wasnt looking.