Thursday, 25 April 2013

Here I sit

Afternoon all.
I thought I would show you were I reside during the working day.

This is the study where mum and dad have put a nice cosy crate with a lovely cushion to snooze on. 

They did this just after I came to live with them.  The idea being that I would have somewhere safe that was my space, away from everyone.

They even put a piece of thick carpet on the top to make it feel more of a 'den'.

What actually happens 99% of the time is I curl up on the top and look out of the little window!

I can jump and reach this spot from a good 8 feet away!  I love it here - I can see everyone and everything going on in the road.

I really should be on the residents committee for Neighbourhood Watch! xx


  1. Harroooo mate, we just found you wandering through bloggie world BOL BOL!! Play bows,