Monday, 22 July 2013

It really has been too hot!

This is me trying to keep still and cool down!  There is a big window open just above me and I am trying to feel some breeze.

I don't know quite where to put myself.

Mum tried putting a wet towel on my tummy and back to help cool me - but I wasn't keen. Luckily for me she decided not to squirt me with the hose as she thinks I might be scared! Not keen!

There is always lots of cool water available and I drink loads all the time, but I am still HOT!

Mum wont take me out for a walk at lunchtime either because she says I will feel worse.

Still, I have to agree, it's much nicer when we walk late evening, when it is a bit cooler.... not keen on the hooting owls though - they spook me a bit!