Sunday, 15 September 2013

Lazy rainy Sunday afternoon....

Hi All,
Well.... there goes summer!  The rain finally hit us at lunch time and I think mum and dad are not particularly looking forward to an evening walk in the cold, rain and mud.  Not sure I am either.

Here I am "chilling out" as us young folk say, whilst the Sunday papers are interrogated by the rest of the household.

I feel a snooze coming on......


  1. Hello Rudi.
    Why do you doggies like to sit on the stairs and look down on us? My Lab Toby used to love doing that too. He also used to drop biscuit crumbs down the steps!
    Love the "Good Dog" photo. Definitely loosing the grumpy teenager face now.
    Ask your people to give you a big dog fuss from me.

  2. Too much rain here, we huskerboos do not appreciate the rain, but the mud sure can be fun BOL!!!