Sunday, 10 February 2013

A break through?

Afternoon All,

I am having a snoozy day today.  Dad and Mum are on their computers and I am happily lay between them, dozing on the top of the stairs.

Yesterday was a big day for us all. Mum's sister and family came to stay again and this time, once I had calmed down a bit, I was allowed out of the kitchen with no lead (just my indoor muzzle) and I managed to be good and settle down all evening.

OK - there were a couple of times when people moved unexpectedly, or made strange noises that I had to rush over and investigate and I did jump up a couple of times and woof.  But, all things considered - I am showing improvement!



  1. Well done Rudi, sounds like these folks are keepers. Roddy would be so proud.
    Love and big hugs

    1. Hi Sandra, very nice to hear from you... and such kind words too.