Monday, 18 February 2013

A cool but sunny weekend.

Hi Everyone!
We have been lucky with the weather here in the Midlands this last weekend haven't we?

Me and my mum and dad spent the warmest part of Saturday pottering in the garden.  Actually they pottered and I ran round like a mad thing and whinged until mum gave me some toys to play with!
 Me and my beloved 'Holey-Moley' toy - third favourite toy after red Kong and black Kong!

On Sunday we went for a lovely walk along the Grand Union Canal - Knowle Locks, which was rather lovely. They forgot the camera so you will have to believe how well I behaved (most of the time) without any proof!

I even got to sit out in a pub garden for 20 minutes whilst mum and dad had a cup of tea (they were testing my 'pub dog' skills.  I woofed once, so I got 5/10 must do better!

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