Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My First Proper Holiday Cottage!

Hi Everyone,
Just back from a fantastic week away by a place called Seaside in Cornwall.  It had lots and lots of funny tasting water that caught me out every time I tried to get a drink!

Anyway..... we stayed in a different house to normal, down the motorway.  I was a bit rubbish in the car, which really annoyed dad, but in the house I was very well behaved indeed.  Mostly because I was tired out from all the walking and running around!!).

Here are a few pictures of me relaxing and enjoying my holiday home:-
 Waiting in the dining room area.

 Just finished my tea in the kitchen.

 A snooze early evening soon became the norm.

 Ahem, a snore late evening was a must!

Note my lovely sandy toes from the beach!

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