Friday, 9 August 2013

Scotland jollies.

Hi Everyone,

Just checking in after a fantastic few days with our friends up north: Nicky & Tony (human), Duke and Mia (Dobermans).

Here we are on our daily hill walk along the path between what used to be evergreen forest, just starting to re-grow.  Followers of my blog will remember this was a snowy walk in March!

Still have a few problems about 'who is the boss' between me and Duke.  Mia was happy to play, but Duke and me did have a few cross words.  We seemed to fall out in the field walks, but were happy enough to ignore each other along the forest trail.

Here we are eyeing up, though we did agree to ignore each other and go separate ways!

Whilst the humans were working on the house during the day, the doggies relaxed.  I played 'farm dog' by sitting in the back of the open car, snoozing, sunbathing and keeping an eye on anyone passing by.

In the evenings, after our tea-time walks, I was allowed in the house and even into Duke's basket! (hee hee!). He and Mia have a lovely bedding called 'vet bed'.  It feels so nice.

As you can see.... I loved snuggling around on it.  Nicky has kindly given me some for my bed at home!
This has been a great holiday. I hope yours was too! xx

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